Appliances Are Becoming "Connected"... What does this Mean?

by Erin Slattery

Bosch vs. Miele Built-in Coffee Machines />

The world is becoming more connected than ever, and appliances are no exception. Connected Appliances have the ability to connect to devices using your in-home Wi-Fi. The benefit of these appliances is being able to operate your appliance through an app on your smart phone and smart home electronics like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Jenn-Air has created an app that can control their Wi-Fi enabled wall oven to be able to preset the oven to a certain temperature while you're at the grocery store so it is ready to use the minute you walk in your door. Want your Bosch coffee system to make your coffee before you even get out of bed? No problem! The system can be controlled through various Smart Home products by simply saying, "Hey Alexa, tell Home Connect to make a coffee." Your coffee will be ready for you in no time!

Many connected appliances are able to diagnose service issues remotely, and alert you of problems before you may recognize there is one. Not sure when to change your water filter in your refrigerator? Get a notification sent to your smart phone alerting you it's time to get the new filter and ensure your water and ice are always fresh. The last thing anyone wants to do is wait around for their laundry to be done so they can add the next load. Take the status of your laundry everywhere you go with GE Wi-Fi enabled washer and dryer.

Companies are constantly trying to find ways to make consumers' lives easier and more efficient. Each Wi-Fi enabled appliance comes with step-by-step instructions to properly connect to your in-home Wi-Fi. And, as always, we are always a phone call away to help assist with any questions to make sure your Smart Appliances are used to their full capabilities!