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BlueStar Appliances: What You Need to Know

by Don's Appliances

A BlueStar black range with gold hardware against a green and white kitchen backsplash

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The BlueStar Brand

What Appliances Does BlueStar Make?

What Makes BlueStar Appliances Different from Other Luxury Brands?

Top BlueStar Appliances


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What would you do with the highest BTU output for residential cooking appliances in your kitchen? Or how about award-winning refrigeration that gives homeowners the luxury of gourmet kitchens? With BlueStar appliances, those are just some of the exciting possibilities kitchen lovers can expect—but there’s so much more! That’s why we’ve put the spotlight on this luxury appliance brand in order for buyers like you to learn all the great perks of having a BlueStar kitchen suite.

Take a look as we review the BlueStar appliance lineup, what makes them so great, and which appliances you need to see to believe!

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The BlueStar Brand

BlueStar was founded in 1880 as Prizer-Painter Stove Works and was headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania (that’s right, BlueStar is a native brand). The company began building its brand by focusing on creating top-quality coal ranges and cast-iron stoves for both commercial and residential use. Throughout the beginning of production, Prizer-Painter Stove Works quickly gained a positive reputation for creating durable stoves that earned the trust and loyalty of consumers all over the country.

In the 1950s, Prizer-Painter began creating gas stoves to cater to the ever-changing needs of its consumers, and then in the 1990s Prizer-Painter Stove Works rebranded itself to the well-known BlueStar brand name. With the transition of the brand name, BlueStar began creating luxury, professional-grade cooking appliances for residential use and has since gone on to catch the attention of many professional chefs, serious home cooks, and culinary enthusiasts.


What Appliances Does BlueStar Make?

Since BlueStar began creating cooking appliances in the 1990s, they have gone on to create an array of kitchen appliances that are ideal for creating luxury, professional-style designs in residential homes. BlueStar kitchen appliances vary from ranges to rangetops to wall ovens and cooktops, as well as many different ventilation options like range hoods, island hoods, custom hoods.

BlueStar knows the essence of the kitchen doesn’t only rely on the power of the cooking appliances, so they also create premium grade refrigerators like counter-depth, column, and built-in refrigeration options, as well as BlueStar dishwashers to complement the user experience of a BlueStar kitchen. When looking at Blue Star appliances, you’ll find that they have everything you need to create a dream kitchen with high-quality, professional-grade appliances.

What Makes BlueStar Appliances Different from Other Luxury Brands?

You might be wondering what makes BlueStar appliances different from other brands like Wolf, Thermador, Bertazzoni, Miele, or Viking and there are a few key things that BlueStar offers that these other luxury brands don’t. Let’s take a look at what those are:


BlueStar appliances are highly regarded for the endless customizable finishes that make design a luxury kitchen easy and fun. BlueStar lets buyers customize everything from the style of door, like chef-inspired French doors on select BlueStar ovens, left or right swing doors on your refrigerators (this provides more installation flexibility), and even customizable hardware and trim accetns to fit your kitchen’s aesthetic.

BlueStar offers 10 metal trim options that include brass, copper, and stainless steel, as well as colored knobs to give your cooking appliances a fun pop of color. The customization doesn’t stop there—BlueStar offers a selection of over 1,000 different color choices and textured finishes, to ensure that every appliance is perfect for your space. On top of that, BlueStar even allows consumers to send in a swatch of their favorite color sample, and they will create a color that is uniquely yours.

Quality Materials

BlueStar is known for using high-quality materials that will last for years to come. All BlueStar cooking appliances, refrigeration, and dishwasher models are made of commercial-grade stainless steel, which is sure to withstand the rigorous demands that at-home cooking puts on appliances over the years.


BlueStar offers some of the highest BTU power in the industry, with its PrimaNovaTM burners, a part of the Platinum Series, which deliver a powerful 25,000-BTU flame for heat output comparable to professional kitchens. Whether you want to sear your steak to perfection or bring a pot to a rapid boil, BlueStar stoves (from the Platinum Series) are sure to do that for you.

BlueStar vs. Thermador

Thermador—part of the Bosch family of products—is a well-known name in the luxury appliance sector, so it’s stiff competition. Like BlueStar, Thermador is most famous for its gas cooking appliances, specifically models that feature the Patented Star Burners (more details in our video comparison below), although the BlueStar X-8 burner gives the brand some competition. Aside from that, here’s how they compare.

  • Price: BlueStar appliances are generally priced lower than Thermador appliances, though both brands are considered luxury brands.
  • Appliances: As we’ve discussed, BlueStar makes an array of cooking appliances, with a specific focus on gas ranges, cooktops, and ventilation, as well as a decent selection of refrigerators and dishwashers. Thermador offers a larger range of kitchen appliances, as well as refrigeration, dishwashers, and other kitchen accessories.
  • Design/Customization: BlueStar is well-known for endless customization options, from colors, textures, knobs, trim kits, and more. Thermador doesn’t have nearly the same amount of customizable choices that BlueStar has, but Thermador is well-known for having timeless design styles that fit an array of different kitchen aesthetics. All in all, if you like luxury appliances but want a little more character than the common stainless steel finishes, BlueStar provides the upper hand.
  • Performance/Power: Both Thermador and BlueStar have powerful cooking options and precise heating elements that are celebrated by anyone who uses them. However, BlueStar gas cooking appliances are unsurpassable with models achieving an industry-leading 25K BTUs of firepower.

BlueStar vs. Wolf

Wolf appliances are go-to items for luxury shoppers, and it doesn’t hurt that the brand is part of the Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove trifecta, a popular suite of premium kitchen appliances. Wolf products focus on cooking with powerful setups that are professionally inspired. Ultimately, we highly recommend Wolf if you plan on using Sub-Zero and Cove appliances for a seamless user experience. Otherwise, see for yourself how the two compare.

  • Price: BlueStar and Wolf are both highly recognized in the luxury appliance market, but BlueStar appliances tend to come at lower prices than Wolf appliances do. This factor alone makes BlueStar appliances more appealing to culinary enthusiasts and at-home chefs who want premium materials and high-powered cooking.
  • Appliances: BlueStar’s focus is primarily on cooking appliances, mainly gas ranges, cooktops, ventilation, and wall ovens, which makes them exceed in that niche far above competitors. Wolf has a wide range of products to offer its consumers, everything from ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, and ventilation, as well as smaller kitchen appliances like microwaves, built-in coffee systems, and warming drawers.
  • Design/Customization: Unlike Wolf, which only really has customizable knobs in three color choices, the BlueStar appliance lineup is widely known for its endless customization options. This gives each consumer a unique chance to make each appliance fit their aesthetic. Wolf appliances do not have near the amount of customization that BlueStar does, though Wolf appliances are widely regarded for having a sophisticated and timeless appearance.
  • Performance/Power: BlueStar cooking appliances are created for delivering high, precise heat, especially in their gas ranges and cooktops, which create ideal high-performacne cooking. BlueStar’s appliances have been celebrated by professional chefs for years because of the power that they bring to the residential kitchen.

Wolf also has exceptional cooking power in its appliances, which creates professional-grade cooking in the home. When compared to BlueStar, we see that BlueStar offers ranges with higher BTU burners, which create more intense, even heat than Wolf ranges.

Top BlueStar Appliances

We won’t blame you if you’re as excited about BlueStar appliances as we are. Overall, BlueStar appliance reviews show why the brand has been a coveted member of the high-end appliance class, and to prove it, we’ve selected a few of the brand’s appliances to showcase why.

Our Top BlueStar Range: BlueStar® 36" Stainless Steel Pro Style Dual Fuel Range

 Front view of the BlueStar BSDF366B 36” pro-style dual fuel range

Shop This BlueStar Dual Fuel Range

This BlueStar range has eight different oven modes to keep up with your growing love of cooking. Featuring BlueStar's most powerful range burner yet, this range has the heat output of up to 25,000 BTUs, which is great for an extra high sear. It also lets you transition to a low warm with just 500 BTUs on all burners for gentle simmers for your favorite long-cooking ragu recipe. Whatever dish you need to achieve, the BlueStar 36” range delivers.

Additional Features

  • Intuitive Color 7" Touchscreen Control
  • 90-minute Express Cleaning Mode
  • True Convection Oven

Our Top BlueStar Cooktop: BlueStar® 36" Color Match Gas Cooktop

 Overhead view of the BlueStar RBCT365BSSV2 36” gas cooktop

Shop This BlueStar Cooktop

This Blue Star cooktop is the perfect partner for any compatible BlueStar gas wall oven, creating a powerful, seamless look that will last you for years to come. With exclusive UltraNova technology, this Blue Star range burner creates a minimalist approach to any space, without compromising on power with restaurant-grade BTUs of 22,000. Choose your cooktop with customized trim, knobs, and finishes, as well as choose from liquid propane or natural gas.

Additional Features

  • Precise 130° Simmer Burner
  • Full Motion Grates
  • Enhanced Compatibility with BlueStar Electric Wall Oven

Our Top BlueStar Oven: BlueStar® 30" Stainless Steel Double Electric Wall Oven

 Front view of the BlueStar BSDEWO30DDV3 electric double wall oven

Shop This BlueStar Wall Oven

Look at this beautiful BlueStar oven, which features a full-color 7” display with a high resolution, intuitive display, making it easy to select your preferred cooking selections. BlueStar’s professional performance shines through with the 2,500-watt bake element, 5,000-watt broiler, and 1,800-watt heat assist element, which creates restaurant-quality results every time. No matter what the occasion is, the BlueStar double wall oven is your go-to appliance for creating decadent culinary masterpieces.

Additional Features

  • Integrated Baking Stone
  • Ramp-on Lighting
  • 9 Different Cooking Modes

Our Top BlueStar Range Hood: BlueStar® Designer Series 30" Color Match Sahara Curved Sides Wall Hood

 Front view of the BlueStar SC030MLPLTDCF 30” wall hood

Shop This BlueStar Range Hood

Having a range hood that you can count on is so important to the overall health of your home and the cleanliness of your kitchen. With the BlueStar Designer Series 30” range hood, you can achieve professional-grade performance, with a sleek, modern design. The heavy-duty, commercial-grade materials make this range hood run like a dream with a whisper-quiet operation, while the dimmable LED lighting brightens up your space whenever you need it. Pair this with Blue Star stoves or ranges for a seamless, professional design.

Additional Features

  • Easy-to-use Push-button Controls
  • Simple Installation
  • Accommodates Top or Rear Discharge

As we can see, BlueStar creates high-quality, premium-grade appliances that allow at-home chefs to have the best culinary experience possible right from the comfort of their homes. At Don’s Appliance, we carry a large range of luxury appliances, including those from the popular BlueStar brand. So, whether you are looking for BlueStar stoves, BlueStar appliance package, or simply searching for “BlueStar appliance near me”, look no further than Don’s Appliance store. We have everything you need to make your luxury kitchen dreams come true because we’re the best authorized BlueStar range dealers in the area!


Who makes BlueStar appliances?

Prizer-Painter Stove Works, Inc. is the maker and creator of BlueStar appliances.

Are BlueStar appliances good?

BlueStar appliances are known for impeccable quality, hand-crafted design, and professional, restaurant-style results. BlueStar also has a good reputation in the appliance industry for offering affordable luxury appliances.

Where are BlueStar ranges made?

BlueStar appliances are crafted in Reading, Pennsylvania.

How much is a BlueStar range?

BlueStar ranges come in various sizes from 24” to 60”, so prices can vary depending on the model that you choose. You can find 24” BlueStar ranges starting at $4,200, ranging up to $21,500 for certain 60-inch models, with varying prices in between for different sizes.

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