The Best Side by Side Refrigerators

by Bill Welles

If you’re interested in a side by side fridge variety, our experts at Don’s Appliances scoured our catalog and came up with five of the best side by side refrigerators available in the Pittsburgh area. Read our latest blog to decide which model will best suit your kitchen design.

Our Top Side by Side Refrigerator Picks

What is a Side by Side Refrigerator?

As the name would suggest, a side by side fridge is an appliance with two vertical doors that swing out sideways. You'll find the freezer compartment behind the left door and the refrigeration section behind the right door. The doors open the same as a French door fridge model, but there is no bottom freezer drawer, extending each compartment to the floor to create more room for frequently used items, leftovers, and beverages to be placed at eye level. Other items like deli meats, cheese, and veggies can be stored and organized in crisper drawers that can be easily reached without bending or hunching.

A side by side fridge can provide a much more comfortable and ergonomic operation than other fridge models because you can easily access the contents inside. They offer a slim construction yet still maintain ample storage space with plenty of shelves to house produce, frozen goods, perishable items, and meal prep containers without cramming any section. In addition, the best side by side refrigerator models include a built-in exterior water and ice dispenser to add another level of convenience.

Shopping for a Side by Side Refrigerator

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, it’s important to know what to look for. Let’s examine some key considerations:

Door Design

The door design is what makes a side by side fridge unique. We briefly mentioned models with a built-in dispenser for water and ice, and while this is convenient if your household entertains regularly or frequents a refreshing iced coffee, this design can also take up space in your freezer. If you’re interested in smart appliances, there are also refrigerators with smart screens or a door-in-door design that will allow you to knock on the glass to see what’s inside or grab a quick snack without opening the entire door.

This door-in-door feature is a convenient tool if you have young children at home or have frequent houseguests because it will prevent the door from being open for too long and letting the cold air escape. Ultimately, it will help to conserve energy and keep your food fresh for as long as possible.

Smart Tech

Since we're on the subject, deciding if you want a fully equipped smart appliance will impact the form and function of your kitchen. Fridge models with built-in smart screens on the door provide much more than enhanced food preservation and accessibility. Beyond being WiFi-enabled and compatible with other smart kitchen appliances, these built-in hubs provide recipe recommendations, store your grocery list, display photos, set timers, and can even stream your favorite songs or TV shows.

A tech-forward appliance will increase the overall cost of the refrigerator, but modern features are ideal for any cook who needs to meal prep, multi-task in the kitchen, or stay connected with friends and family.

Storage Space

The capacity of a side by side refrigerator is measured in cubic feet, and this includes both the fridge and freezer sections. A typical side by side model features about 25 cubic feet of storage space, which is often comparable with many French door models.

A fridge of this size would offer plenty of space for a family of four to store their groceries, but other common sizes are a slightly smaller 21 cubic feet, or a slightly larger 28 cubic feet if you need a little extra room to preserve leftovers. And remember, if you require a fridge unit with a spacious interior, keep your kitchen measurements in mind. You should expect a large-capacity fridge to be taller and wider than standard capacity products.


Side by side refrigerators include a wealth of storage options. You will often find adjustable shelves, gallon door bins, deli baskets, and crisper drawers, just to name a few. You can guarantee up to four shelves in the fridge and freezer compartments and one or two produce drawers, but make sure your layout fits your cooling needs if you hope to make the most of your refrigerator’s capacity.

Our Favorite Side by Side Refrigerators

Now that you’ve done your homework, let’s examine some of our favorite and most popular side by side refrigerators.

Best Overall Side by Side Fridge: GE Side By Side Refrigerator (GSS25IYNFS)

GE side by side fridge

For a refrigerator that does it all, look no further than a GE side by side fridge. You're able to securely store a variety of items on slide-out glass shelves, including a sweet-spot shelf located above the ice bins in the coldest spot in the freezer. Adjustable Clear Look door bins offer plenty of space for large containers in the door and free up valuable shelf space.

Multi-level food drawers provide the ideal environment for storing your fruits and vegetables, LED lighting illuminates every corner of the refrigerator and freezer, and the color-match water dispenser coordinates with the refrigerator finish for a seamless look.


  • Ice/water dispenser
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Ample refrigeration storage


  • Freezer could use greater storage options
  • Can be a noisier fridge model

Best Budget-Friendly Side by Side Fridge: Frigidaire Black Side by Side Refrigerator (FRSS2323AB)

Frigidaire side by side fridge

Frigidaire specializes in offering high-quality, energy-efficient kitchen appliances while maintaining an affordable price point. It's easy to stay organized and keep all your favorite foods within reach thanks to humidity-controlled adjustable Crisper Drawers. These drawers can be stacked on top of each other or placed side by side for versatile storage options.

The EvenTemp Cooling System reacts quickly to temperature fluctuations and constantly circulates cold air throughout the fresh food and freezer compartments to reduce freezer burn and keep ingredients fresh. The PurePour water filter reduces up to 99 percent of contaminants found in everyday tap water and cuts back on the amount of plastic you use.


  • Sleek black finish
  • Water filter
  • Precise cooling system


  • Smaller capacity
  • No smart features

Best Luxury Side by Side Fridge: KitchenAid PrintShield Side by Side Refrigerator (KBSD608ESS)

fully stocked KitchenAid side by side fridge

Luxury at its finest, the KitchenAid PrintShield refrigerator provides dynamic storage solutions with a smooth and glossy fingerprint-resistant finish that protects against smudges to enhance the look of the refrigerator.

This ultra-spacious side by side fridge features a 29.5 cubic feet capacity with the ExtendFresh Plus Temperature Management System, which is used to maintain the perfect temperature for fresh ingredients. The Produce Preserver extends freshness by neutralizing the over-ripening effects of ethylene gas emitted by certain fruits and vegetables.


  • Built-in installation type
  • SatinGlide crisper drawers
  • Energy Star certified


  • No interior freezer light
  • High price tag

Best Smart Side by Side Fridge: LG Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator (LSXS26396S)

LG side by side fridge

As discussed earlier in the blog, this LG fridge model features the InstaView Door-in-Door panel that allows you to see inside the easy access door without letting the cold air out. Simply knock twice on the glass to illuminate the contents within.

If you need to make extra ice for tonight’s party or be alerted if you left the refrigerator door open, use the LG SmartThinQ app to control key features and receive important notifications from anywhere. It even works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can operate smart features with your voice.


  • ColdSaver Panel keeps cold air inside the fridge
  • Tremendous shelf space
  • Slim SpacePlus Ice System


  • Not a counter depth model
  • Technology can be tricky to operate

Best 33 inch Side by Side Fridge: GE Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator (GSS23GSKSS)

GE side by side fridge

Rounding out our list is yet another GE side by side fridge. This 33 inch fridge model provides the ideal environment for storing your fruits and vegetables, frees up storage space for milk and other gallon-size containers, and the raised edges help contain spills to make cleanup quick and easy.

An integrated shelf system provides strong, flexible support to withstand heavy bakeware and large serving trays, and a special water and ice dispenser keeps refreshing beverages within easy access.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Color-matched handles
  • Automatic defrost system


  • Freezer storage
  • Minimal specialty features

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is Better: A Side by Side or French Door Refrigerator?

 A side by side refrigerator can be more accessible, but side by side models typically prioritize freezer storage, whereas French door models prioritize fresh food storage. Consider what you’re storing and how you’d like to access the contents of your fridge: vertical doors or pull-out drawers.  

2. How Do I Organize My Side by Side Fridge?

Focus on one side at a time. For the refrigerator section, put juices and condiments in your door bins and designate high-humidity or low-humidity crisper drawers for produce. For the freezer portion, follow the “first in, first out" rule so you can easily access your meals and avoid wasting food.

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