Are Your Dishes Not Drying? Dishwasher Dry Settings & How to Use Them

by Don's Appliances

Are Your Dishes Not Drying? Dishwasher Dry Settings & How to Use Them

Does it seem like your dishes aren’t very dry after running them through the dishwasher? We are going to go over general dry settings that you’ll typically see on most newer dishwasher models, and which ones are best for certain types of dishes you will be washing.

Most models will have cycle setting options. You can do a regular cycle, glass, or a heavy cycle for more soiled pots and pans. If you’re someone who makes dinner a lot, you’ll find you’ll be using the heavy setting the most. The setting for wash is going to be important in how dry your dishes end up. You won’t want to use the heavy cycle on less soiled plates and bowls. If you have a lasagna dish, you obviously want to use the heavier option, or if you are just washing glassware you will want to use a lighter or glassware cycle.

Some dishwashers will also have an auto sensing setting for how much water it uses, the temperature, and how long it runs. All of these contribute to how much water the dishwasher will use during the cycle. If you use a light or normal cycle on heavily soiled pots and pans, the dishwasher won’t rinse well.

We also have dry settings along with wash settings. Some models might have an energy-saving option for the drying process. If you realize that the dishes aren’t very dry, check to see if this is off. It won’t use as much heat with the energy-saving option on, leaving your dishes still damp.

You also have the option to choose a half load if you only have a few dishes to wash. Some models have a dry setting for glassware as well which can be named “crystal dry”. If you notice any water spots on your glassware after you wash them, this setting is good for eliminating this. If you have delicate china there is a delicate dry setting. Or let’s say someone in the household is sick, there’s also a sanitize dry option which is a high temperature dry to eliminate any germs or bacteria.

All of these settings may vary depending on the dishwasher you have. Some might not have all of these settings, so generally follow the rule of less water for smaller loads and less soiled dishes, then heavy for more soiled dishes.

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