Shopping For A Mattress? Don't Forget About the Base!

by Zack Culley

So, you’re in the market for a new mattress and considering this is an investment that impacts your quality of life, you OF COURSE want to choose wisely, making sure your choice gets you the best possible night’s sleep. You may have found the mattress you’ve been looking for but you’re not done yet... Don’t forget about the base.

Who cares about the base, you say, your body’s in direct contact with the mattress so that’s what matters most, right? You may feel differently after finding out that a quality base can relieve health issues like extremity swelling, poor breathing, nasal drainage, and snoring. It can improve your health and your overall sleep pattern. Before we jump into quality base options, let’s go over the more standard, common options: box springs and bed slats.

A common direction consumers go is purchasing a standard box spring— a wooden box enclosing metal coil springs made to pair with a specific type of innerspring mattress. We still use this term “box spring” but manufacturers have changed construction by using wood with a flat, corrugated board on top. Another common foundation choice is no foundation at all! Mattresses are laid on wooden or metal bed slats so your mattress is much lower to the ground. Wooden slats are less expensive, but as we know, less expensive usually means it needs replaced more often.

These options are certainly acceptable, but they can’t claim the heath and sleep benefits that an adjustable base can. An adjustable base puts your body into a “zero-gravity” position which means you’ll feel weightless. There’s no pressure. Your weight is evenly distributed making you feel like you’re laying on a cloud. You’ll notice that breathing is much less labored in a zero-gravity position too.

TEMPUR-Pedic has several excellent adjustable base options including the EASE 2.0 that comes with a wireless remote with a zero-gravity preset position and the Ergo Extend Base with four massage zones and USB ports built in to keep your devices charged.